The new flagship HTC again cannot be called a solid device

Smartfoot jerryrigeverything once reached the new flagship HTC U11 to test how well it will withstand a standard set of tests.
A large part of the abuse the machine has stood, as most modern smartphones.

For example, to scratch the display can be a material with hardness at least 6 on the Mohs scale. The glass covering the backside, but is also quite resistant to scratches.

However, all bad when it comes to physical effects. Recall that the model U Ultra could not pass a test on a bend. Her fate was repeated, and smartphone U11.

It’s easy enough to bend, moreover, this exposure begins to crack glass on the back side, and the display altogether you can bring into disrepair. Thus, the owners of HTC U11 should be very careful as there is a risk not only to break the glass that covers the camera on both sides, but just to bend the device.

If someone thinks that a smartphone with glass on both sides simply can not be strong enough to remember Samsung Galaxy S8, bend which the hands of the average person will not work.



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