The new family of Alcatel Move includes GPS trackers and smart bracelet

In addition to smart watches a new family Move Alcatel has added to other wearable devices.

The first is called MoveBand and is a simple activity tracker in the form of a bracelet, devoid of any luminous elements of the alert. That is, the device does not even LEDs.

The functionality is also very simple. MoveBand able to count steps, distance, calories, to inform about events on your smartphone and follow the dream. Alcatel reports that the device will ship with some smartphones. MoveBand about the cost if purchased separately not reported.

The second novelty — MoveTrack. This compact GPS tracker, weighing only 33 g. Alcatel proposes to use it, for example, in order not to lose Luggage. Also thanks to the tracker clip can hang on pet collar, configure and receive alerts if the pet goes outside of the yard or home.

Move Track&Talk is a similar tracker but with extended functionality. The device is already designed for children. More precisely, in the first place for their parents who buy Move Track&Talk to your child, and not to worry.

Move&Talk, first, is a GPS tracker that is enables you to know about the whereabouts of the child at the moment. Second, the device is equipped with a cellular modem and the memory allows you to store up to 10 numbers. The child can dial any of them if necessary, but cannot call on a different number.

About the cost of all these new products Alcatel silence.



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