The new company Elon musk will connect computers to the human brain to read and record thoughts

The founder of Tesla Elon Musk (Elon Musk) has created another enterprise. It’s called a Neuralink. Company Neuralink have to deal with the development of technology that will directly link the human brain with a computer. About it reports the source with reference to the Wall Street Journal.

For connection it is planned to implant into the brain of tiny electrodes. It is expected that over time, they will be able to use for reading and writing thoughts.

Musk did not announce the establishment of the company, but it is known that the company Neuralink it was in California back in July of last year. The scope of activities of these medical research. According to the informant, to Finance the work Neuralink billionaire intends from its own funds. Judging by the fact that in recent weeks the company Neuralink hired some of the leading specialists in this region, its activity has already started.

Source: Reuters


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