The Netgear router Orbi supplied with the repeater is design

In most cases, routers featureless white or black boxes, unremarkable in appearance.

But there are exceptions. Netgear Orbi is one of them. Not to say that the product looks original or very unusual, but to assume that this router, at first glance will not work.

But Orbi is notable not only for design. The device is intended to solve the problem of insufficient signal in some parts of the house using one router. For these purposes, Orbi comes with a wireless repeater, which is called Orbi Satellite.

Together they are able to cover up to 370 m2. Thus the distinguishing feature of the couple that the repeater uses the selected channel 5GHz to pair with the router, so that their combination did not affect the overall data transfer speed for connected devices.

Curious is implemented and the system of finding the optimal location for the repeater. Orbi has a led backlight. So the first time you pair with the repeater, the backlight glows a different color depending on signal quality.

As for the technical parameters transmission speed, dual band router achieves 3 GB/s. Both devices have four Gigabit Ethernet ports. The router has got 4 GB of flash memory and 512 MB of RAM, and six internal antennas. The case measures 169,4 x 60 x 225,8 mm weight 890 g Netgear For set asking $ 400.



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