The Nest thermostats understand voice commands given from a smartphone through Google assistant Assistant

Google assistant Assistant positioned the search giant as a universal and able to grow in its market presence.

Initially, he appeared in the app Allo, then in smartphones Pixel, and then gradually began to expand its presence. For example, embodied in the device Google Home. And since this is a universal assistant, not designed only for smartphones, Google according to his teaching.

In particular, as it became known, is now popular to control Nest thermostats through Google Assistant not only via Google Home, but straight from the smartphone. Yes, before this too can be done using proprietary software. But now it is enough only to give a voice command, for example, to install a certain temperature in the house.

Considering the fact that Nest can be used as a hub for various smart home devices, voice control is greatly enhanced. However, so far only in theory, because in practice it is not implemented.

It should be clarified that the source was checked the possibility of the above-described control in the presence of the Google Home house and provisional pairing of this smart speaker system with thermostat. The source suggests the probability that it is for this reason Nest began to understand voice commands given via smartphone. In the comments under the original news can be found one, which says that without the Google Home to crank the above is impossible. But this possibility generally indicates only that question.



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