The national Association of broadcasters is asking Apple to add an FM receiver in the new iPhone

In September, the Federal communications Commission (FCC) of the United States addressed the new requirement to activate the FM receiver in the iPhone of last generation.

What Apple said that iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 does not have FM chip and the respective antennas, so to activate the corresponding functionality in smartphones impossible.

This theme spila after a series of hurricanes that affected several U.S. States. When the mobile connection stops working, people want to be able to communicate with each other and with the rescue services on FM channels.

Now, a similar statement was made by the national Association of broadcasters (National Association of Broadcasters), which questioned a previous statement Apple. The Association believes that Apple intends disables the FM functionality into their smartphones, leaving them only work modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Disassembly iPhone 8 showed that it has a chip BCM43570, which, as stated on the website of the manufacturer Broadcom, contains — for the FM radio. But Apple does not connect this core to the antenna of the smartphone, so it may not work. Although the iPod Nano all worked fine many years ago.

The national Association of broadcasters noted that it is not going to clash with Apple, but asks us to add the FM receiver in the new iPhone, as is its absence is a serious problem.



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