The MSI GeForce GTX Ti Gaming 1080 X Trio weighs almost half a kilogram

A few weeks ago, we wrote about MSI GeForce GTX Ti Gaming 1080 X Trio. Now this model has appeared on the manufacturer’s website along with the younger sister GTX 1080 Ti Gaming Trio.

Adapters, as you might guess, differ solely by the frequencies. The Junior version mode OC Mode operates at frequencies 1506/1620 MHz for the core and 11 016 MHz for memory and the older settings are respectively equal to 1569/1683 11 MHz and 124 MHz, that is, the differences are insignificant.

The map is really huge: 325 mm in length and 1.48 kg of weight. But the power subsystem consists of «only» 10 phases instead of the promised 14. But both of the eight-pin connector for additional power, a huge cooler Tri-Frozr with six heat pipes and, of course, branded lighting Mystic Light RGB.

Set of ports includes DVI, HDMI and a couple pair of DisplayPort.

GeForce GT 1080


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