The most well-preserved copy of the Apple I computer to be auctioned

A personal Apple I computer was the first PC by Apple Computer. The device showed in 1976. Many believe it is Apple I the world’s first personal computer was sold this device.

About a year sales of the young company, consisting, by and large, of two people, managed to implement about 200 PC. And one of them will soon be put up for auction.

According to the source, the auctioneer Tim Brecker (Team Breker) will soon put the legendary PC for auction. Sam Becker calls this an instance of the most well-preserved Apple I, which will appear on the market. And it is in working condition.

Lot includes not only PCs but also documentation, schematic diagrams, original documents of the first and only owner of a PC and even record telephone conversations between Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The auctioneer expects to gain from PC sales not less than $ 320,000, but given the sales of similar lots in recent years, the final figure may be much greater.



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