The most stylish looks with sneakers

For a long time, the shoes were never considered sports shoes. But things have changed and for several seasons they have become must-haves every fashionista. However, some girls are still wondering what to combine them. So today you will see a selection of the most relevant images in different styles.

Stylish sneakers: features and selection rules

Definitely choose shoes based on personal preferences. But we suggest you to take into account the fashion trends. Of course, the collections are sometimes too extreme model, which will be difficult to combine in everyday life. However, such bright shoes can be a stylish accent to a monochrome Luka or way to attract attention. So it all depends on what goals you are pursuing.

If you are just beginning to experiment with images and pick up a basic wardrobe, it is best to look for sneakers in white. They are now considered an absolute hit, as the look great not only in everyday bows, but in the romantic or even the evening.

Please note that there are several options models. For example, classic short sneakers have become the most popular, especially among teenagers. This is not surprising, since this shoes can replace the loafers, ballet flats and simple sneakers. And to create images in sporty or casual, and romantic would be quite simple.

Long before shoes were used most often for sports. It is very well fixed heel, which is very important. Now they can safely wear in everyday life. But they aren’t as versatile as the previous version.

High tops have visual similarities with ordinary boots, as they are knee length or slightly below. This option is fairly original, but is not suitable for every girl. Most often, they become a creative nature or real ladies who know exactly what they should match.

Despite this diversity, all of the sneakers have no additional decoration. This is not surprising because such products are considered to be basic, therefore as concise as possible. However, if the sneakers already have in your wardrobe, you will definitely look for other options. For example, with crystals, embroidery or patches. They look no less stylish.

What better to wear sneakers

This kind of Shoe is so versatile that you can combine it with almost any image. However, if you enjoy a challenging, interesting combinations, then be sure to experiment. Because the only way to create a truly unique, trend bows.

We also recommend to browse through several fashion magazines and articles online. Inspired one way or another, you will be able to more fun to combine things from your wardrobe.


Of course, jeans and sneakers – it always looks great, modern and spectacular. And not necessarily choose only the narrow model. Relevant are all of the famous boyfriend jeans, and cropped and torn product.


If you wish to open the ankle with turn-UPS on jeans. Not less stylish look tucked skinny tall or extra long shoes. Also there is no restriction in the choice of colors of jeans. With sneakers looks good any option. So try to focus on the allocation of tones in the image.


Probably the most favorite summer look of many women is shorts, t – shirt and sneakers. This combination requires no forethought. Choose simple, uncluttered clothes of neutral colors and be sure that together it looks really stylish.

You can also complete the look with shorts and sneakers, a striped t-shirt, plaid or white shirt. In the evening you can add a cardigan or jacket. But at the same time, pay attention to the compatibility of colors and textures of the fabrics.


Not so long ago it was believed that to wear a classic skirt with sneakers is in any case impossible. But times are changing and trends are updated every year. So today this unusual combination is considered indicative of a sense of taste.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with images. Be sure to try on sneakers with a mini skirt and a Maxi, lush and tight. To complement each of the images can be a simple t-shirt, sweater or crop top, t-shirt, shirt. Most importantly – try a few totally different options. It is possible that you will be able to pick up something really worthwhile.


Dresses with sneakers look no worse than the previous version. In the spring and summer season products harmoniously look in pastel colors and combined with white sneakers. Also, fashionable women often combine these shoes with dresses or vests products for smell.

As for material, the best sneakers will look dresses made of thin fabrics. For example, chiffon, silk or even tulle skirt. photo With the exception of products from denim that sneakers do not look less stylish.

Dress length can be any. With sneakers perfectly match not only short products, but also dresses MIDI. Looks like the images are always very feminine and sophisticated, despite the rather unusual shoes instead of the classic boats.

Elements of classical style

Quite a bold combination of a Shoe with elements of the classical style will not please everyone. It is very important to pick up every detail to look good, not ridiculous.

However, fashionable women are experimenting and are not afraid to add to the image with the sneakers simple, classic jacket. But if you like the combination seems too unusual, then look at a more relaxed classic details, avoid too sharp lines.

Creating one or another way, try not only to follow fashion trends, but also to listen to your sense of self. If you like more concise bows with sneakers, it is not necessary to buy something trendy that you don’t like.

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