The most affordable and easy dialing of full frame cameras and the five most popular lenses

Demons Duncan (Duncan Dimanche) took the trouble to compare full frame digital camera the four leading manufacturers at very important from a practical point of view of criteria such as price and weight of the kit including the camera and most used lenses, such as wide-angle zoom, universal or standard lens, normal lens, telephoto zoom and portrait lens. Of course, each photographer may have their own preferences, but this set allows you to cover a wide range of subjects and shooting conditions, and the corresponding lenses have with each manufacturer.

The result is clearly visible in the illustrations. As for the price and weight is the best technique Nikon, more precisely, a set based on the camera Nikon D750.

C a slight delay on the second place is set on the basis of the camera Sony A7. If we talk about price, the third is the set, which includes a camera Canon EOS 6D. By mass it is the fourth.



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