The Ministry of communications of Russia has drafted a law on the complete control over the Runet

As reported by «Vedomosti» yesterday at a meeting with Deputy Minister of communications Aleksey Sokolov discussed the amendments to the law «On communications» developed by the Ministry of communications in order to provide «integrity, continuity, stability, sustainability and security of functioning of the Russian national segment of the Internet.

The law «On communication» propose to add an article about the regulation of the Russian segment of the Internet, which describes the concept of «critical Internet infrastructure». Such include the national domain zone, the infrastructure for its service, the system of traffic exchange points and the so-called state information system ensuring the integrity, stability and security of functioning of the Russian part of the network. The system should store information about the Autonomous systems, IP addresses and traffic exchange points.

Ministry of communications offers to be considered the legitimate owners of traffic exchange points only Russian legal entities. Over time, it is assumed that their owners will be able to become foreigners, but so they owned no more than 20%. Administrator domain ending in .EN .Russia can be only Russian legal entity established by the Ministry of communications.

Director of the coordination center of national domain of network the Internet (KTS), Andrei Vorobyov, told Vedomosti that he was not familiar with the draft amendments to the law «On communications». But the idea that the Ministry of communications shall become the sole founder of the Russian Registrar of domains, it seems «unclear». Representatives of the Ministry of communications declined to comment.


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