The Ministry of communications has agreed to reduce the amount of traffic that you want to store in the «Spring package», 10 times

Last summer the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a package of anti-terrorism laws, known as the «Spring package». In the media it was discussed very actively, because this project is very controversial in many nuances.

On the website of the Russian public initiative has collected more than 100,000 signatures in favor of the initiative on cancellation of the package, the government was obliged to consider the petition. But the expert working group of the Federal level rejected the initiative.

But yesterday it became known that the Ministry agreed with the security agencies about a tenfold reduction in the volume of traffic that the operators must be stored according to the package of laws.

Recall the «Spring package» implies the need for storage operators information about the facts of the connection of subscribers within three years, and the content, including video — six months. Naturally, even the approximate calculations show that for operators it will result in incredible amounts. In fact, partly because of this, the introduction of legislation was postponed. If you focus on the calculations of the Ministry of industry of Russia, even after reducing the traffic operators will need to allocate 100 billion rubles for the implementation of necessary measures in the framework of the new laws.

The Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Alexey Volin explained that to reduce the volume of intend by avoiding the storage of «excess» information that identifies «the Internet video, IP-TV, torrents and a number of other very heavy storage of information resources».

Also, agreement was reached on a phased increase in the retention period from the current 12 hours to six months (in the case of content).

The package of laws will start on 1 July next year.


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