The Microsoft Kinect stopped

Microsoft announced the release of the Kinect controller.

For all the time since the start of sales in 2010, has sold about 35 million of these devices for spatial input, which was originally designed for use with the Microsoft Xbox 360 console.

Unsuccessful attempt to expand the circle of users of Kinect with Xbox One, over the fact that the manufacturer has eliminated the controller of the mandatory package, reducing the market of Kinect and reducing the attractiveness of the device in the eyes of the producers. However, around Kinect over the years formed a community of users and developers. By the way, as for users, Microsoft promises to continue to provide them with technical support.

Meanwhile, the ideas tested in Kinect, continue to live in other products.

So, Microsoft uses them for hands-free augmented reality HoloLens and Windows Hello.

You can find analog of Kinect and the Apple iPhone X. As you know, four years ago Apple bought PrimeSense, the company who developed the technology of spatial input that served as the basis of Kinect. The development of PrimeSense found a use for the camera TrueDepth, which in Apple iPhone X has a function of recognition of Face ID.



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