The maximum length of Twitter messages will be doubled

The limitation of 140 characters, typical of Twitter messages, starting with the launch of this social network in 2006, may soon remain in the past.

Service begins testing in which random users around the world will have the opportunity to post messages of length up to 280 characters. In other words, the maximum allowable length of messages is doubled.

A hard limit, forcing users to be brief, is the hallmark of Twitter, but the company always wanted to check does he popularity of the service.

According to the developers, in countries with hieroglyphic letter limit is affected to a lesser extent, because each character means more than the Latin or Cyrillic. Comparing this with the fact that users in China, Japan and Korea are actively using the service, the company decided that the increase of maximum length will be positively received in the countries where they are not characters.

The original limitation of 140 characters was dictated by the imitation of the creators of Twitter, SMS format, where the maximum message length is 160 characters.



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