The market value of Samsung over the day decreased by $7 billion because of the problems with the Galaxy Note7. The defect rate can be about 0.1%

A couple of days ago it was reported that Samsung had suspended deliveries of its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note7 South Korean operators because of reports of several cases of spontaneous combustion devices while charging.

As writes the Agency Reuters on Thursday the company admitted the existence of problems and stopped shipments of smartphones in different countries. This has led to a sharp decline in the market value of the company at an impressive $ 7 billion.

The company has published an official comment on this occasion: «as for the issues with Galaxy Note7, we conduct a thorough inspection. Details will be announced in the near future. Samsung intends to provide its customers with products of maximum quality.»

Sources report that smartphone shipments are suspended not only in South Korea but also in countries such as Belgium and Serbia. An anonymous Samsung employee claims that the problem has not affected all smartphones, the percentage of defects is about 0.1%. The problem is solved by replacing the battery.

So a smartphone that could become the most successful brainchild of Samsung, in just a few days before the announcement of the iPhone 7 caught in a very unpleasant and unexpected situation.



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