The market of wearable electronics rose by 26.1%. Apple sales fell more than twice

The IDC estimated the market for wearable electronics in the second quarter of this year. A quarter distinguished sales growth of 26.1% yoy.

In quantitative terms, the source says sold 22.5 million for the three months devices. The leader, as before, is Fitbit, which has managed to increase supplies by 28.7%, having 5.7 million devices and took 25.4% of the market.

Xiaomi is firmly in second place, but the leader of the Chinese giant far. The company has sold 3.1 million units, increasing sales by only 2.5% and taking 14% of the market.

Closes the three leaders of Apple. Copertina in the quarter sold 1.6 million of their smart watches, occupying 7% of the market. But in annual terms, this corresponds to a more than twofold decline in sales (56,7%).

Next is Garmin (1.6 million devices, an increase of 106.7% compared) and the Chinese company Lifesense (1 million units). As you can see, in the next quarter, Garmin will dethrone Apple from the third place.


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