The market of wearable electronics rose by 16.9%, but the leader recorded the sales decline 22.7%

According to analysts IDC, the market of wearable electronics in the fourth quarter of last year rose to a record high. For the three months it was sold to 33.9 million units, corresponding to growth of 16.9% in annual terms. During the year it sold 102.4 million such devices.

The leader of the market is Fitbit. At the end of last quarter, the company sold 6.5 million devices, taking a 19.2% market share. However, in annual terms this meant a decrease of 22.7%.

Xiaomi, developing sales almost doubled, still are unable to catch the leader and has sold 5.2 million devices, occupying 15.2 percent of the market. Closes the three leaders of Apple sold 4.6 million hours, which allowed the company to occupy 13.6% of the market. It should also be noted sales growth of 13% for the year.

Next is Garmin, which also said the decline in sales in annual terms, although only 4%. The manufacturer sold 2.1 million devices, occupying 6.2% of the market. Well, in fifth place is Samsung. The Korean giant has sold 1.9 million devices, took 5.6% of the market and increased its sales by 37.9%.


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