The market of wearable electronics by 2021 will increase by almost half

Analysts IDC published a forecast concerning the market of wearable electronics. At the end of this year, according to the source, the market will be supplied of 125.5 million units in this segment.

This would correspond to growth of 20.4%. By 2021, the market of wearable electronics will almost double and will reach 240,1 million devices.

Analysts believe that the smart watch will overtake the activity trackers this year. If the second will be sold 47.6 million devices, the first — 71,4 million, which would correspond to 56,9% of the market. It is worth noting that the source belong to the first category, and devices that do not have their own operating system and is not able to run third-party applications. The second includes only smart bracelets. That is, the separation is a little outside the box.

Anyway, at the end of the year in third place will be smart clothing with a share of 2.6%, and in last place with a share of 1.3% will accommodate a variety of clever headphones and headsets.

In 2021 the market will be distributed as follows: 67% for smart watches, 21.7 percent have a smart wristband, 9% of smart garments and 1.7% from headphones and headsets.


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