The market of portable batteries in 2022 will reach 29.6 billion dollars

Specialists of research company Allied Market Research has tried to predict the development of the market of portable batteries used to recharge mobile devices, designed to connect from the USB port.

In the last year of portable batteries were sold in the amount 6,733 billion. Analysts predict that by 2022 the market will grow to 29,576 billion. These figures correspond to a growth of 23.3% per year in the period from 2016 to 2022.

The most common all the time will remain the batteries with the capacity from 9,500 to 12499 mA∙h, which in 2015 had more than a quarter of all deliveries. The segments 12500-15499 mA∙h and more than 15500 mA∙h will be the fastest-growing (by 26.51% 31,70% per year, respectively). The largest consumer portable batteries by 2022 will become the Asia-Pacific region, depriving it of the title of North America.

Source: Allied Market Research


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