The market of graphics processors in the quarter rose significantly, especially from Nvidia

Analysts Jon Peddie Research estimated the market of graphics processors in the third quarter of this year.

Despite the state of the PC market in General, the GPU market grew by a considerable 20% QoQ. To a greater extent quarterly growth driven by sales of Nvidia, which produced a good generation of Pascal.

In particular, during the quarter, Nvidia managed to increase its share from 13.9% to 16.1%. While Intel and AMD lost market share. The first company now occupies 70,9% against 72.6 per cent in the previous quarter and the second 13% against 13.5%. If we consider the supply of products, they increased at a quarterly rate of all three companies. AMD sales increased by 15.38%, Intel — by 17.7%, and the Nvidia — by 39.31%.

In a more detailed consideration would be that AMD has increased the supply of solutions for laptops is 19.1%, but shipments of desktop GPUs declined by 10%. In the case of Intel the rise, respectively, 18.8% and 4.1% For Nvidia the same indicators was equal to 38.7 per cent and 39.8%.

Discrete graphics solutions were installed 34.84% sold for a quarter of PC by 7.06% over the previous quarter.

If we talk about annual changes, everything is a bit different. Intel lost even more — 1.9 percentage points. AMD and Nvidia, by contrast, increased its share by 1.5 and 0.4 percentage points respectively.

The GPU market in annual terms increased by only 0.3%. And the result is determined purely by the market for mobile PCs, which grew by 3%. The market of desktop GPUs declined by 4%. If not for the success of the new adapters Nvidia, the decline would be even more significant.



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