The market leader of cellular phones by the end of 2016 is Samsung, in second place — Nokia

Although the sales of smartphones have already surpassed ordinary cell phones, the latter is still in high demand. To gauge their popularity, enough to know that the phone accounts for 21% of the total volume of supplies given smartphones. That is, for every four smartphone sold in 2016, had one phone. During the year it sold 1.88 billion devices, both categories of which phones — 396 million Such data are contained in a recent report from research firm Strategy Analytics.

Among manufacturers leading company Samsung, which sold for the year of 52.3 million phones, which corresponds to 13% of the market. In second place is Nokia with rates of 35.3 million units and 9%. The top three also includes the company TCL-Alcatel, occupying at year-end 7% of the world market of cell phones.

Source: Strategy Analytics



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