The market for VR headsets and AR for the year will increase by half

Analysts at CCS Insight say that by the end of this year, the world will be sold 16 million headsets, virtual and augmented reality. This would correspond to an increase of 47% compared to the previous year.

In monetary terms the market will grow to $ 1.6 billion. The lion’s share the above the number of devices will have on the solutions that use smartphones. More specifically, such devices will be sold 13 million units. At the same time in the money about two thirds will have a full on gaming headset, which will be sold about 3 million units. Next year analysts expect gaming headsets will be sold for 5 million units.

In addition, if you look at the chart, we can see that in 2021, according to analysts, will be sold around 100 million sets. Of these, just over 60 million will have on the model, which requires a smartphone, and about 15 million have a full-fledged gaming headset, and the remaining 4-5 million — will it be augmented reality glasses, and some «superior augmented reality headset».



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