The market for premium smartphones in India is almost entirely composed of devices of Samsung and Apple

Referring to the analysts, Cyber Media Research, the source claims that Samsung continues to hold the lead in the smartphone market of India.

This time it is reported that the Korean giant took 32.1 percent of smartphone market with support for 4G. On the second and third placed Lenovo (14,6%) and LYF (10.7 per cent). If we consider the premium segment, under which, apparently, refers to expensive smart phones, the leader is also a Samsung with a share of 49.2%, and in second place is Apple with a share of 43.3%. That is, 92.5% of all smartphones in India models of Samsung or Apple. Another 5.3 percent is owned by Sony.

Despite the growth of the smartphone market, 59% of the total number of mobile phones sold in India are normal phone (not a smartphone). Analysts expect that by the end of the year the country will be sold 265 million mobile phones, of which 116 million are smartphones.

If we talk about the mobile phone market as a whole, the first three presented by Samsung (24,6%), Lenovo (10.4 per cent) and Micromax (7.5 per cent).



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