The market for 3D printers in the past year increased by 29%

IDC analysts say that shipments of 3D printers last year grew by 29% and in monetary terms the market grew by 18%.

Fastest growing segments were the printers using the FFF/FDM and stereolithography. This segment showed a 30% growth in terms of quantity and 40% in cash, if you compare with 2015.

The largest increase in supply was seen in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, in Europe, the middle East and Africa. In North America sales of such products, and all have shown a decline in comparison with the previous year.

Chinese manufacturers like Flashforge, XYZ Printing and Tiertime, specializing in low-cost printer technology FFF/FDM, which accounted for about 30% of the total supply over the past year, but only 5%, if we talk about annual revenue on this market.

Stratasys and 3D Systems, in contrast, took only 6% in quantitative terms, but they accounted for 30% of the total revenue of the market.

Considering the market in monetary terms, more precisely, the leader is 3D Systems, which had 18.5% of revenue last year. On Stratasys had 12.3 per cent. Next is EOS (10,2%), Concept Laser (5,7%) and Envisiontec (4,8%). The share many of the remaining companies had to 48.6%.

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