The market capitalization of Samsung Group has decreased by $ 1.7 billion, but shares of some companies within the group, increased in price

A few days ago was arrested the Vice-President of Samsung Electronics Lee Jay, who at the same time is the de facto head of the entire Corporation. Prosecutors have yet to press charges, and that the court make the decision. But now the arrest of Jay’s impact on stocks and the capitalization of Samsung.

According to the source, Samsung Group has lost 1.7 billion dollars in market capitalization. In particular, in the first day of Samsung Electronics shares have fallen in price on 0,42%, which corresponds to a reduction of the market capitalization of the company almost 1 billion dollars.

Shares of Samsung C&T fell nearly 2%, which the market capitalization of this company has decreased by 377 million dollars. The capitalization of Samsung Life Insurance decreased by 255 million dollars due to decline of stocks is 1.4%. Interestingly that while shares of Samsung SDI, Samsung Biologics and Samsung Electro-Mechanics has increased in value respectively by 0.81%, 0,94% 0,68%.



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