The manufacturer has demonstrated an advantage over OnePlus OnePlus 5 3 recording

The OnePlus smartphone will be a 5 on all counts to surpass the predecessors, that is quite obvious, even before the announcement. But up to this point we have never discussed the possibilities of a smartphone that relate to sound recording.

The manufacturer has published a video in which he demonstrated the advantage of 5 over the OnePlus OnePlus 3 in the recording. We decided to record what is happening in a noisy place, namely at the nightclub.

Commenting on the video, the representative of the team said that they have implemented a number of hardware innovations, as well as involved experts, which helped to improve the relevant capabilities 5 OnePlus. The result is OnePlus 5 records sound much better than the predecessors in a noisy environment.

The announcement of the OnePlus 5 will be held June 20.



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