The manufacturer does not recognize the defect in the machinery in the history of the burnt smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 Pro

After last year’s scandal with mass fire Samsung Galaxy Note7 in our field of view includes stories about flammable smartphones from Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi. By the way, these kind of problems with smartphones latest are single.

Now it became known about the fire smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 Pro, and the owner suffered burns on three fingers. Seeing as a smartphone caught fire, he threw it out the window, that the house had a fire.

He contacted the representatives of Xiaomi to talk about the incident, and get a new smartphone. However, Xiaomi denied any involvement in the incident, stating that all smartphones are tested thoroughly before to get to the users.

Xiaomi also claims that the smartphone owner bought it not in the official store, and through Aliexpress, where a lot of non-certified devices. Although checking the official website of Xiaomi indicates that the device is certified.

Xiaomi has not given their comments to journalists.



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