The manufacturer calls «the jelly effect» screen OnePlus 5 «natural» and it is not disingenuous

As we reported, some instances of the smartphone OnePlus 5 have a defect associated with the display. It manifests itself under certain conditions as a characteristic distortion of the image when scrolling. Users have already called it «jelly».

In response to user requests, a Chinese manufacturer has assured that it uses in all its devices high-quality components, including an AMOLED display. The effect reported by «a small number of users», he called «natural.»

Inquisitive researchers found out that it really is. The effect is quite natural because screens in smartphones OnePlus 5 installed upside down. And it is not error, but a design decision. In the software discovered a fragment of instructing the display controller to turn the picture 180°. Disassembly confirmed that the required screen orientation.

In other words, rely on error correction is not necessary. Users who are unable to put up with it, there is only one option — to return unit to seller.

Source: XDA-Developers



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