The manufacturer calls the first Leo Artec handheld 3D scanner with artificial intelligence

The Artec 3D specializing in 3D scanners and software for them, presented a model Artec Leo. According to the manufacturer, this is the first of its kind device that can read information about three-dimensional structure of objects at speeds up to 80 fps.

An important feature of Artec Leo is the possibility of Autonomous selection and processing of data without the use of a tablet or computer. The basis of this feature, firmware was the Autopilot feature, which debuted last year in the corporate package Artec Studio 11. A feature that uses artificial intelligence technology, allows to transform the original scan data into high-quality 3D models.

Scanner combined with the camera’s visible range and has a touch display where you can observe the process of digitizing real-time, making the scanning process simple and intuitive. The scan resolution is 0.25 mm, the accuracy of determining the position of points is 0.1 mm. the Scanner has an internal battery and are equipped with wired and wireless network connections.

According to the manufacturer, Artec Leo will find application in industrial production, health, science, education, design and architecture. It remains to add that the scanner module is used Nvidia Jetson TX1.

Source: Artec 3D


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