The manufacturer calls IGEL UD Pocket miniature thin client

Illustrated device UD Pocket company IGEL Technology, specializing, in particular, thin clients, calls «a flexible and inexpensive miniature thin client». As stated, it can be used to organize the work of remote and mobile workers.

In fact, IGEL UD Pocket — bootable USB flash drive Linux 10, providing access to the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) without modifying the local operating system.

The manufacturer notes that IGEL UD Pocket supports the «standards and protocols for enterprise security». In addition, the thin client supports two-factor authentication using the embedded or external smart card reader or key chain that connects to USB.

Minimum system requirements for IGEL UD Pocket include x86-sovmestnyi 64-bit processor and 2 GB of RAM. Device dimensions 22.4 x 12.2 x 6 mm and weight of 3 g is equipped with interface USB 3.0. Case IGEL UD Pocket, made of metal, provides protection against mechanical impacts, dust and water. Storage capacity is 8 GB.

Source: IGEL


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