The manufacturer assures that not abandoned the photosystem Nikon 1

Nikon haven’t released a new model of mirrorless system cameras Nikon 1. Although the cessation of its development was not officially stated, it is easy to see that the first attempt of the Japanese manufacturer to enter the market of mirrorless cameras decided to give oblivion.

The German website producing guidelines for cameras in electronic form, we are continuously researching the market to know the availability of certain models. According to him, the camera Nikon 1 AW 1 and V3 is already impossible to buy, while sales of the Nikon 1 J5, though ongoing, but will end after the exhaustion of stocks.

The source appealed to the manufacturer for review. The manufacturer has assured that «continues to produce to sell the products of the line of Nikon 1″. At the same time, he did not answer the question about the development of a new mirrorless system.



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