The man nearly lost his life, falling asleep with the iPhone which was on charge

22 March, 32-year-old Wylie by Day (by Day) an incident occurred which nearly cost him his life.

He went to bed by connecting your iPhone to a charger through an extension cord, as he did many times before. Waking up in the morning, he accidentally caught the chain worn on the neck, at the junction of the extension and the charging cable. After receiving the electric shock, the man fell out of bed onto the floor.

He was able to remove the chain, which burned the skin. The result is Wiley got burns of the second and third degrees on the neck and arms. From the hospital he was discharged three days later.

The story of Wylie DEA should serve as an example. Be very careful to use the mobile devices as well as chargers and accessories when you sleep and not in control of what is happening.

Sam Wylie decided that he was definitely not willing to risk my life for a smartphone easy to use in bed. Now he charges his iPhone in the kitchen.



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