The major players in the VR market has created a Global consortium Virtual Reality Association

The market of virtual reality is in its infancy and many companies seeks to somehow gain a foothold on it. But a certain backbone has been formed, at least if we talk about hardware solutions.

And here are five of the largest representatives of the market got together and formed a consortium of Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA) to promote products related to the segment VR, as well as the development and implementation of standards, as now in this direction, everyone does what they want. Global Virtual Reality Association is a nonprofit organization with all the consequences.

In the list of participants include Google, HTC, Facebook, Samsung and Acer. Of course, every company has its product and its platform, and no one will refuse their own development. But, working together, these companies will be able to gradually standardize certain technologies that simplify the development and implementation of their own products in the future, and products of foreign companies.

, Facebook
, Samsung
, Acer


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