The Lunar Rover Audi Quattro dropped eight pounds and ready for a mission

Last summer, we reported on the project team Part-Time Scientists, who intends within the framework of the Google Lunar Xprize competition to send to the moon the Lunar camera Audi Quattro.

The contest involves sending a natural satellite of the Earth a few Rovers. The team whose device will be able to drive on the moon’s surface more than 500 metres, will receive a prize — $ 30 million. But the project should be implemented only with the support of private capital, so Audi helped the team Part-Time Scientists only experience and with some technologies.

Now, according to car giant Rover is ready. However, in the journey, he’ll still go only at the end of next year.

As for the device itself, Audi says that they managed to reduce the weight of the Rover from 38 to 30 kg due to the optimal combination of materials and the use of aluminum parts printed on a 3D printer.

Lunar Rover equipped with four cameras that will allow to do three-dimensional and 360-degree images of the surface of our satellite. By the way, sending images to earth is one of the conditions of the contest. It is also worth noting that of the 30 teams initially opted to participate in the competition, currently in service, only five remained.



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