The losses of the Uber in the first half of 2016 exceeds $1.27 billion

A few months ago, Uber has sold its Chinese subsidiary Didi Chuxing, unable to compete with the latest in the market.

Now the company has reported the results of its activities in the first half of the current calendar year, which ended for Uber huge losses. According to Bloomberg, the losses of the company during the above period exceeded $ 1.27 billion dollars. Half a billion the company lost in the first half of the 720 million dollars in the second. The income of the company grew from 3.3 to 5 billion dollars over the last quarter.

Turnover is increasing as the losses. The reason, as the source says, is that 80% of the income goes to pay for the services of drivers and remaining 20% is not enough to get out of losses. In this regard, the company has raised the minimum rates for its services in some cities.



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