The litigation with Apple could lead to the fact that Qualcomm will have to abandon one of its core practices in business

Apple has strengthened the legal attack on Qualcomm in its lawsuit. According to sources, Cupertino giant now claims that the license agreement manufacturers iPhone with Qualcomm was invalid.

Apple believes that Qualcomm is not entitled to take the money and for licensing agreements, and directly to the chip. That is, according to Apple, the partners of her opponent must pay one thing. Simply put, Apple wants to buy from Qualcomm modems without concluding license agreements.

The company does not scratch, has updated its lawsuit. This opportunity arose after a recent court ruling allowing re-filling of cartridges. The court came to the view that the right of ownership takes precedence over patent rights. Thus to create a precedent, which wants to use Apple.

If at least in this matter the court will side with the copertina, Qualcomm will have to abandon the long-standing practice of selling their products.



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