The list of most popular passwords, 2016

Company specialists are annually publish the Keeper list of most popular passwords, which users of the Internet and electronic mail to protect its confidential information.

Another study showed that in 2016, as a few years before that, users continue to use unsafe passwords. Keeper has analyzed more than 10 million passwords that were made available for public access through various user data thefts that occurred in 2016.

17% of users believe a sufficiently strong password is 123456. Another issue is that many web sites do not force users to use more complex passwords that use uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers.

Seven of the fifteen most popular passwords consist of six characters, hack them in seconds using appropriate software. Someone mistakenly thinks that the password 1q2w3e4r 123qwe like and are more reliable than qwerty or password. The top ten also contains 1234567, 12345678, 123456789, 1234567890, 987654321, and 111111.

Experts strongly recommend that those who saw the list of your password, immediately change it.


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