The Lexus IS dressed in a suit of 41999 programmable LEDs

A cardboard copy of the Lexus IS electric car we’ve seen in the past year. And this week, company Lexus has presented only one instance of a unique car tuning Lexus IS 2017, on which the body is secured 41999 programmable LEDs.

As can be seen in the following video, created by light, the system can generate different images and patterns to work for a given scenario, and to respond to gestures and synchronized with the music system of the car.

The maximum luminous flux of all LEDs is 175 000 LM. In order to install such a system on the back, it took 2640 led strips and 5750 pieces of wire total long-1584 m. in addition, the system capacity of 3 kW 20 includes a microcontroller and processes the data at a speed of 55 MB/s.

The car was presented simultaneously with the video for the song Be the One British singer Dua Lipa (Lipa Dua) in which he also appeared.

It is obvious that the emergence of such a car on public roads could lead to a deterioration of traffic situation.



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