The Lenovo supercomputer MareNostrum 4, which occupies the 13th place in the TOP500, is set in a former Church

During the conference on supercomputers ISC2017 Lenovo announced the completion of the deployment, she said, «the largest supercomputer next-generation Intel processors». The system MareNostrum 4 performance of 11.1 PFLOPS ranked 13th in the published today the 49th edition of the TOP500 list. It is installed in the supercomputer center of Barcelona (BSC), in a former Church Chapel Torre Girona, belonging to the Polytechnic University of Barcelona.

The configuration of MareNostrum 4 includes more than 3,400 nodes, whose role is played by the Lenovo servers on Intel Xeon processors. The nodes are connected with internal network Intel Omni-Path Technology 100 GB/s with a total length of over 60 km.

The supercomputer will be used in studies of genome, in the interests bioinformatics and biomechanics, for meteorological forecasts.

Source: Lenovo



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