The Lenovo smartphone Phab 2 Pro went on sale with the support of nearly 40 special applications

Introduced in the summer of Lenovo smartphone Phab 2 Pro, the first consumer smartphone, bringing the technology of Google’s Project Tango, finally went on sale.

The novelty costs $500 and, in addition to its basic features, stands a giant display diagonal of 6.4 inches.

In order to make a smartphone more interesting to potential buyers, Google has not limited itself to using the Lenovo when it was created. On the market the unit went together with more than 35 special applications that were designed for devices of Tango. They are already available in the Play store. For example, there is a Crayola game Color Blaster, the essence of which is visible in the video below.

In addition, the list includes many of the same applications that were used for the presentation during the announcement of the smartphone. For example, the measurement application object or service that allows you to evaluate how it will look like new furniture in your apartment.



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