The legendary Motorola Razr V3 will be reborn in the form of a module Moto Mod

The first information that the legendary Motorola Razr V3 can be revived in a new incarnation, appeared a year ago. Recently, after the release of the new Nokia 3310, the Network began to spread the news that Moto and to reissue his hit, although actually in the original interview, the brand Ambassador only said that they, too, could do what Nokia.

But in the end it turned out that it was not about theory but about practical purpose. Visit Moto in Facebook were advertising an image that can be seen below.

The signature says that the iconic device that changed the 2000s, will soon return in the form of a module Moto Mod. That is, it will not be a new cell phone or smartphone — it will be a module for devices Moto Z!

How it is implemented, is unclear. But there is little doubt that it refers to Moto Razr V3. It is also worth noting that tomorrow is April 1, so there is a possibility that is a pre-posted drawing.



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