The leak allows to compare the performance of six-core processors Intel and AMD Coffee Lake Ryzen 5 1600X

Source found in the test Geekbench results of Intel, which reportedly belongs to generation of Coffee Lake. As in the recent case with SiSoft Sandra, six-core model defined as Kaby Lake. The processor, designed for a clock speed of 3.19 GHz and can execute 12 threads, has demonstrated single-threaded performance of 4619 points. The multithreaded score is 20828 points.

For comparison, the source cited the results of a six-core processor AMD 1600X Ryzen 5: single-threaded performance equal 4574 points, multithreaded — 20769 points. These results were obtained at a frequency of 3.6 GHz.

Overclocking to 4.1 GHz boosts single-threaded performance up to 5038 points, multithreaded — up to 24751.

According to the source, Intel processor can be overclock up to higher frequencies, which allows to count on preservation of benefits in performance.

Note that the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X already available. Manufacturer’s recommended price is $249. As for desktop processors Intel Coffee Lake, their appearance is expected next year and prices.


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