The leader of the most profitable unit of Nokia leaving his post, anticipating a reorganization of the company

Themselves Elaj (Samih Elhage), head of division of Nokia, engaged in the equipment for mobile networks and providing more than half the income of the Finnish company, left his post. His departure coincided with a message on the reorganization of the company. From the specified unit as an independent group will be allocated to activities related to the provision of services.

Elaj started to work at Nokia in 2012. He helped to transform the problem at the moment with Siemens joint venture in a profitable direction.

In the opinion of management Nokia, services come to the fore in the face of slowing market of equipment for cellular networks. The peak demand for the equipment for 4G networks had already passed, and the transition to 5G network operators have not yet started.

Lead a division of Nokia, engaged in the equipment for cellular networks, will mark Rouen (Marc Rouanne), who’s now the Director of innovation and operations. The head unit will be another veteran Nokia — Igor Leprince (Igor Leprince).

Source: Reuters



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