The layout of the workstation ClearCube A6106SLW borrowed from blade servers

The company ClearCube introduced the workstation A6106SLW. The novelty is addressed to users with high performance requirements, therefore, along with the Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5 or Intel Core i7 and i5 processors of the sixth generation, in the configuration of the system includes the accelerators Nvidia Quadro K420, K1200, K2200 or K4200. RAM workstation Intel C236 can be up to 64 GB (memory support DDR4-2133). Up to ten stations A6106SLW can be mounted in a common chassis 6U.

Use A6106SLW means connecting to a workstation in zero clients. All processing is performed A6106SLW, and clients are used for user interaction. Since no information is stored on the client side, this approach provides a high degree of protection. According to ClearCube, the station A6106SLW designed to remove PC jobs. The centralized location of the computing resources allows you to not only free up space on desktops, but also to provide more efficient power, cooling and maintenance.

Source: ClearCube


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