The law on self-driving vehicles, adopted in Germany, requires the continued willingness of the driver to control.

In Germany adopted a law that give producers a way to develop and test self-driving cars.

The law establishes the requirement that driving a self driving car must constantly be on the demand side of the system ready to take over.

While the car controlled by the computer, the driver can remove his hands from the steering wheel and not watching the road. In other words, he may, for example, to read a book or use a mobile device.

The law obliges to equip self-driving cars have the black boxes, which should be fixed exactly who manages the machine at each moment of time. This information is necessary to determine who will be responsible for the consequences in case of an accident involving a driverless vehicle.

Since the technology of self-driving cars are rapidly progressing, and in two years the planned revision of the law. Then, in particular, must be determined by the provisions relating to the use of data collected during the movement.

Source: Reuters


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