The launch of Samsung Design Latin America may lead to the emergence of unique products in Latin America

Samsung announced the launch in são Paulo (Brazil) project Design Samsung Latin America. In the framework of this initiative, the Korean giant will be to conduct surveys of consumers across the region, to get an idea about their needs and then use this information to develop products in different categories.

Moreover, Samsung said that the collection of information about consumer needs of the local region may not only lead to the production of adapted products accordingly, but also completely unique solutions.

Simply put, the markets of Latin America will eventually be able to make smartphones, televisions, washing machines and other equipment, which will not be greater on any markets.

The team of the project surveys are not only ordinary consumers but also the so-called «extreme users». This category includes, for example, the chef.

Samsung claims that she wants to do more than just innovation for the sake of innovation. The company aims to produce new solutions that will be able to captivate consumers and have a positive impact on their everyday lives.



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