The largest sales growth in the segment of wearable electronics revealed company that has no direct relationship to the market IT

IDC analysts have documented the growth of the market of wearable electronics in the second quarter of this year. In annual terms, shipments rose by 10.3%, reaching 26.3 million devices.

The second quarter was a landmark for this market, as first time sales of the basic devices segment wearable electronics (not able to run third-party applications) fell by 0.9%. While sales of smart watches has grown by 60.9%.

The market leader remains Xiaomi, which sold for the quarter to 3.5 million units, increasing sales by 13.7%. Apple with an increase of 49.7 per cent and 3.4 million units sold, ranks second. Closes the three leaders Fitbit, realize those same 3.4 million devices. Unfortunately for this company this corresponds to a sales decrease of 40.9%.

Next is Garmin. It sold 1.4 million devices, which is 6.6% lower than a year ago. Well, the top five Fossil with the figure of 1 million devices and rising at an incredible 217,9%.

It is also very revealing, as Fossil is a fashion brand specializing in jewelry, handbags, watches and other accessories. In this case, such an impressive sales growth means that the positioning devices of wearable electronics as fashion accessories directly on the moment is the right approach.


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