The labor shortage encourages even a small Japanese company to buy robots

According to the source, referring to the study conducted by the Bank of Japan, local medium businesses do not see any other way to overcome the growing labor shortages, in addition to the introduction of robots. Smart machines are used to automate a wide range of production operations, during excavation works and at the hotels.

According to the study, this year the average Japanese company (with a capital of from about 1 to 10 million dollars) has been allocated for robotics 17.5% than in the past. This figure is a record.

Further evidence of the growing interest in robots is the increase in the last quarter of the income of manufacturers of robots, including Fanuc, whose income increased in comparison with the previous year by 7.9% for the first time in seven quarters.

The source notes that the example of Japan may eventually be followed by other countries with aging populations, for example, South Korea.

Source: Reuters


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