The Japanese plan to land on the moon by 2030

The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA) have publicly declared their intention to send a manned mission to the moon and to land on the moon until 2030.

Thus the Japanese plan was first to go into space on the ISS. In addition, JAXA plans to contribute to NASA-led multinational mission to build a new space station which will be located on the orbit of the moon. This mission starts in 2025, the Japanese hope to obtain a place in it, helping NASA with cutting-edge technology.

JAXA is preparing to submit a more detailed plan of space exploration to the government next year.

Japan was involved in the so-called «Asian space race». For example, in 2014, India launched interplanetary station «Mars Orbiter mission», designed to study Mars from orbit an artificial satellite. China plans to land a wheeled drone to Mars in 2020.


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