The Japanese government may intervene in the sale of semiconductor business of Toshiba, for reasons of national security

Citing its own informants, «directly involved in the process,» the source claims that the Japanese government, concerned about the future of semiconductor business of Toshiba, is preparing to block its sale for reasons of national security, if the buyer seems inappropriate. To intervene in the course of the auction, the state can resort to the provisions of the foreign exchange and foreign trade law.

«The USA is the only suitable partner from the point of view of national security of Japan», — quotes Reuters the words of another source, noting also that the advanced chips used in robots, artificial intelligence systems and devices connected to the Network.

Manual Toshiba also recognizes that the buyer from the US was the most appropriate option, because the proceeds from the sale would be useful for the salvation of the Westinghouse — American division of Toshiba, working in the field of nuclear energy. Reportedly, Toshiba has appealed to lawyers in connection with the possible bankruptcy of Westinghouse.

The position of the Japanese government puts the American company Western Digital, and Micron Technology in a privileged position in relation to other potential buyers of semiconductor business of Toshiba, including SK Hynix, Foxconn and TSMC.

Source: Reuters



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